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The class of 4e2 proudly presents the GOLF SECTION !

Every Wednesday and Thursday we play golf. We play in Matoury, next to the Family Plaza. The golf course is composed of 9 holes. There are obstacles we need to avoid : a water hazard, a forest and some bunkers.
It’s a difficult sport, concentration and a regular practice are important ! Our teachers M. Josset and M. Rault are nice but demanding. During competition we have a lot of fun !
Here are some simple terms you need to understand :
PAR is the score standard for each hole.
BIRDIE is a score of one stroke under the par.
EAGLE is two strokes under the par.
BOGEY is a stroke over the par.
DOUBLE-BOGEY is two strokes over the par.

​Thanks for your attention.

​Article written by the class of 4e2

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